Selecting The Very Best Walk In Tubs

What Makes the Best Walk in Tubs?

Walk in tubs, as the term suggests, are bathtubs that allow people to walk in (as opposed to stepping over). They usually come with self-sealing inward-opening doors. These bathtubs are made for people with limited mobility such as the disabled and the elderly.

These bathtubs are important in that they give independence and dignity to the users and they provide safe access. The use of bathtubs is important in that it improves circulation by opening capillaries, it helps in relaxation by stimulating the body to release endorphins, and it helps in the alleviation of arthritis symptoms, and it is good for the heart.

A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that taking regular warm baths in bathtubs reduces blood-sugar levels in people with type II diabetes, it improves sleep patterns, and it increases the sense of general well-being. These bathtubs also improve the resale value of your home. There are many walk in bathtubs in the market, but some are better than others. It is only if you know the qualities of the best walk in tubs that you will make an informed decision.

The very best walk in tubs for seniors comes with hydrotherapy or whirlpool features such as a system of jets for hydro and air massage therapy. These types of therapy are rejuvenating and soothing. These features are particularly important for arthritis patients as the therapy helps sooth inflamed joints and muscles.

The best walks in tubs are those made of acrylic tub shells. This is the best material for bathtubs because acrylic is a good insulator, meaning it helps maintain the water temperature in the tub for reduced energy consumption. Acrylic does not shutter, it is corrosion resistant, it is resistant to harsh household cleaning chemicals, and the acrylic coating acts as a protective measure against the reproduction of bacteria.

Go for a walk-in tub that comes with a brass drain system. Brass is the best material for the drain system because it has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-germs properties. Brass tubes’ oligo dynamic effect prevents bacterial build up. Brass also automatically disinfects itself every eight hours.

If you have the money, you could go for a walk in bathtub that has an ozone sterilization generator (ozonator). This device releases ozone to the water to oxidize and to sanitize it.

It is sometimes necessary to take a shower as opposed to a bath (such as to save water or if one is in a hurry). For this reason, the best walks in tubs are those that come with handheld shower heads that are wall mounted.

For added safety, go for walk in bathtubs that come with internal grab bars, seats, and anti-slip floors. Make space considerations and look at the warranty. Cost considerations should be secondary if you want the best.


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